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You can't see tits on the radio..

PCOS in Oz

cross post alert.. :)

Hey all..

I haven't been around much of late but I'm back and badder than ever ;) Ok that isn't quite true, but I like to sound tough at least! I run the state arm of a national PCOS Support Group in Australia and this group of amazing PCOS women have managed to put together a conference with Australia's leading experts.. It is this Saturday and all are welcome.

If you'd like more information go to or contact me on

Once I have some notes put together I'll paste them somewhere accessible so all of you fabulous overseas folk can check them out too. We just have to spread the information as far and wide as we can, don't you think?

I trust you're all well.. it's been a massive year for PCOS in our country.. the support group has managed to get its way into magazines, radio and I even talked crap about my struggles on national television which you can watch at the below site by clicking the link and then 'hi' or 'lo' fi.

If you ever want to chat, I'm here!

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