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Sick of It!

I've finally gotten fed up with all the various medications I've been taking for my PCOS for so long and have decided to look to herbal remedies for relief. My blood sugar has been under control for the last year without the help of metformin, so I feel secure about not taking that anymore, and the spironolactone never gave me any relief from my excess facial and body hair, so I really just don't see any reason to continue taking it; as for The Pill, it causes frequent yeast infections and my husband and I are interested in trying to conceive, so stopping it is a no-brainer. I will continue to take the usept tablets prescribed to me by my urologist, because they really do help relieve my bladder pain and thanks to them I don't have to constantly urinate. 

I've done a lot of research both on my own and with the guidance of my endocrinologist and OB/Gyn about natural remedies and I feel pretty confident about my new regimen. I may still need to eventually take clomid to conceive, but I'm not in a big rush to get pregnant, so I feel I have the time to try something gentler and less expensive.

Of course, I'm going to continue with my eating habits  (small portions more often, avoiding simple carbs) and taking my vitamins, but I'm also going to introduce evening primrose oil, a Vitex supplement, and an herbal tea blend that should aid both with ovulation as well as help ease my mild rheumatoid arthritis (which I've had since I was a young child - I'm 24 now). I'll be taking the evening primrose oil in doses of three capsules, three times a day from new moon to full moon; I will take the Vitex supplement in doses of one capsule three times a day for twelve weeks, then just one capsule once a week from then on; the tea I'm making is mainly a blend of red clover blossoms, black cohosh, and nettle leaves of which I will drink one cup twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.  

I will also begin charting my morning body temperature to find out if and when I'm ovulating (I'm the type of PCOS patient who has literally gone for a year without a period before and I've never had a regular period without being on The Pill), and if I should become pregnant on this regimen I will stop taking the supplements immediately, because it is recommended to avoid taking evening primrose oil and Vitex during pregnancy.

Have any of you ladies tried a similar approach to managing your PCOS before? Have you tried a combination of  prescription drugs and natrural remedies? I'm curious to know what anyone else is doing which has worked for them and how you feel about your current drug/herbal regimen. I hope to get some feedback soon! 

Thanks for reading and thanks for your time :)
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