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Beginning Clomid

Today I saw my wonderful gynecologist for my first official fertility appointment. She ordered plenty of blood work, prescribed Clomid for me, provided me with some prenatal vitamins, and recommended I increase my daily metformin from 1000mg to 1500mg. She suggested I stop taking my herbal tea and vitex supplement, which I had already begun to phase out, but said I should feel free to continue taking the evening primrose oil. I suppose the universe was working with me today, because I just happen to be on the third day of my period and my doctor prefers to have her patients begin Clomid on cycle day 3, so I took my first pill this afternoon.

She also gave me some information and a sample cup for my husband, so he can provide a particular lab with a semen sample. I'm sure he won't be overjoyed at having to do this, but it's important for us to know if there is a male factor involved, too. Hopefully that won't be the case.

I clumsily broke the Clomid tablet I took earlier while I was trying to remove it from the packaging, so I hope that doesn't effect anything. I still took most of the medication, so I don't think it will, but the thought that it might has still been nagging at me.

My doctor agreed - from what I told her about my BBT charts - that I don't seem to be ovulating, which would explain why I haven't conceived naturally any time in the last year and a half, but she seemed confident that Clomid will help. She did make it clear that it may not be the answer for me and that I cannot remain on Clomid indefinitely, so I'm not going in to this thinking I will become pregnant in the next few months. I hope I will, but I know better than to think things will necessarily work out that way. :)

Wish us luck!

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