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Complex ovarian cyst with Mirena IUD... need advice

So I've had a Mirena IUD for about a year and a half now after horrible mood problems on conventional birth control pills. I've loved it... no-mistakes, no-hassle birth control, who wouldn't? But alas, it was too good to last....

So here's the deal. I had a really rough time with birth control pills messing up my mood, not to mention the fact that I never could seem to remember to take them with my erratic school schedule. In comes the Mirena, my much researched and finally decided on attempt at a solution, and it was put in in April 2006. Recently I have been having SEVERE cramping inbetween periods (accompanied by light spotting) and during periods (way worse than normal in all aspects). I was afraid that the IUD may have perforated my uterine wall (which had happened to my sis) so my doctor booked an ultrasound. Turns out the culprit is not (directly at least) my IUD but rather a 3.5cm (at the time) complex ovarian cyst. My s.o., who disliked the IUD from the start because he could initially feel the strings now wants it OUT! (which I agree with) but which leaves us with finding a non-hormonal, non-spermicidial, non-latex method of birth control... what can I say, my hooch is sensitive. But while I'm waiting for my followup ultrasound to check on the cyst, things have been getting worse. The cramping is becoming more severe, especially with a full bladder or stomach. Intercourse is out of the question, and the few attempts that we've had have only led to bleeding. I can't stomach over-the-counter pain medications and I'm at wit's end.

Any recommendations on how to deal with the situation until what is probably now inevitable surgery would be greatly appreciated!
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