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Feminists are not afraid of ovaries!'s Journal
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Friday, August 31st, 2007
2:47 am
Complex ovarian cyst with Mirena IUD... need advice
So I've had a Mirena IUD for about a year and a half now after horrible mood problems on conventional birth control pills. I've loved it... no-mistakes, no-hassle birth control, who wouldn't? But alas, it was too good to last....
(More info behind the cut 'cause super-detailed)Collapse )
Any recommendations on how to deal with the situation until what is probably now inevitable surgery would be greatly appreciated!
Thursday, September 28th, 2006
10:11 am
For anyone on Metformin (either ER or regular, tho I'm hoping to do ER because I've heard its less disruptive with the GI stuff), how much weight have you lost? How quickly? What changes did you make to your diet and exercise, if any?

Also, I have fabulous IBS. I've heard y'all saying it really upset your stomachs. Is it really worth it?
Wednesday, September 27th, 2006
10:35 am
I'm seeing an endocrinologist for PCOS tomorrow. This is my first time, so exciting. What can I expect?

Here are some possibly relevant details. I was diagnosed at 21, I am now 25. I have tiny cysts all over both ovaries, some facial hair, fairly regular periods, some IR issues, very high bp and cholesterol for my bmi and age. I am mildly overweight mostly because of chronic pain not allowing me to move around a lot - I am on meds for that now and the pain is managed, so I am beginning to be able to be more active. I do not ever want to have children, so I'm not going for the fertility talk. I mostly would like to put off the onset of diabetes and lose some weight, etc, and start metformin. Any information would be great, thanks.
Friday, September 1st, 2006
3:18 pm

Hi everyone, i've just been diagnosed with PCOS - it was quite a shock but once I've read up all about it, it all makes sense.

I'm overweight (you could put me on an island with nothing ot eat but sand and I would STILL not lose any weight)

I have extra body hair on the back of my legs 

Irregular periods.

Unable to fall pregnant after one year of trying

It all really makes sense.

SO the doctor has prescribed me onto Diane ED - contraceptive pill.  After three months i"ll have a check up and see if the cysts have shrunk.  But I've been reading up about what causes cysts, or what can help....and apparently people with PCOS generally have TOO much insulin and/or glucose in their system.  And a diet that lowers these types of foods is recommended as it can assist.

Has anyone had any luck with loosing weight after treatment of PCOS?
And is PCOS something you have for the rest of your life? Does it ever go away?
What is your treatement?
How long did it take?

Sorry for all the questions but I could do with as much info as possible. Oh, I'm 26 by the way if that helps ;)


Thursday, August 31st, 2006
11:57 am
new member
Hi all :)
Just wondering how many of you are out there? This looks like it could be a great community but there haven't been any posts in a while...just checking :)
I'm 36 and have PCOS so would like to compare notes with you all out there!
Take care

Current Mood: curious
Tuesday, July 25th, 2006
9:53 pm
Hi, I am 24 and have just been diagnosed with PCOS following a pelvic ultrasound. I have been spared from being overweight but have been hairy and had acne for almost as long as I can remember. I haven't been on the pill for about 18 months and don't really want to go back on it unless I have to. I had a miscarriage about a year ago but am not ttc again just yet. I've learnt to cope with my symptoms but am not sure if there are any other downsides to just carrying on without medication. Anyway, I am seeing a gynecologist tomorrow for the first time and just wondered if you ladies had any advice or any suggestions for questions I should ask her?
I have started eating low GI and am finding it quite ok btw.
Thursday, July 20th, 2006
3:52 am
New member as expected here. I've been diagnosed with PCOS and was trying birth control for it unfortunately it made my anxiety flare up so I'm not on anything for it.

My oddity is that i don't seem to have my period regularly or at all sometimes. I suspect this is due to having gotten the shot a few times a while back. I tend to have my periods a few times a year as opposed to every month. I've been checked over about this and the doctors see no problems with continuing this way.

My main questions are:

1. Do i need to be taking something to help with the syndrome? to the best of my knowledge no cysts have been forming or at least they haven't been causing trouble and i\I was under the impression if you're getting cysts you'll know it.

2. If I do need to be taking something what are my options? All i've heard for options is birth control and glucophage tablets. i've already ruled out birth control but what exactly are glucophage tablets?

Thanks to all for any help you can give me.
Wednesday, May 24th, 2006
12:26 am
Hi, um, I just joined, and I'm 16 years old. About two months ago, I had this really, sharp pain in my left ovarie that kept me doubled over in pain and utterly useless for three hours, meaning that I have no idea what happened in those classes except that every movement hurt and I had a running tally of how many people asked me if I was OK. As I had never felt that kind of ovulation pain before, the nurse suggested that maybe I had an ovarian cyst, and that if I did, the pain would not return for two more months, which is the cycle that is pending soon. Is it possible that I have an ovarian cyst? Do girls as young as I get them? I think I'm PMSing today, so is it possible that the offending part of my cycle has passed, and that nothing happened to good ole Lefty after all?

Peace, Love, and Chocolate Monkeys,
Saturday, December 17th, 2005
1:32 am
metformin + bc = ??
i've been put on metformin, but lately i'm spotting. a lot. and it's making me crazy.

has anyone ever used metformin *and* bc? and if so, would you recommend it?

Current Mood: frustrated
Wednesday, November 16th, 2005
5:16 pm
Hey, I'm looking for a new endocrinologist/reproductive endocrinologist.  If you've got somebody that you would highly recommend who is in Los Angeles County, let me know.

Thanks in advance!

(cross posted)
Thursday, November 3rd, 2005
10:07 am
PCOS in Oz
cross post alert.. :)

Hey all..

I haven't been around much of late but I'm back and badder than ever ;) Ok that isn't quite true, but I like to sound tough at least! I run the state arm of a national PCOS Support Group in Australia and this group of amazing PCOS women have managed to put together a conference with Australia's leading experts.. It is this Saturday and all are welcome.

If you'd like more information go to www.posaa.asn.au or contact me on sa@posaa.asn.au

Once I have some notes put together I'll paste them somewhere accessible so all of you fabulous overseas folk can check them out too. We just have to spread the information as far and wide as we can, don't you think?

I trust you're all well.. it's been a massive year for PCOS in our country.. the support group has managed to get its way into magazines, radio and I even talked crap about my struggles on national television which you can watch at the below site by clicking the link and then 'hi' or 'lo' fi.


If you ever want to chat, I'm here!

Thursday, October 27th, 2005
9:58 am
I'm a fellow person with PCOS, and a college student. I'm currently working on a paper on PCOS, and am interested in interviewing fellow people with PCOS.
If you're interested in being interviewed via e-mail, please contact me at heathertappen@REMOVETHISgmail.com
Monday, October 10th, 2005
5:29 pm
Would anyone have a listing of states that have made it a law for insurance companies to cover infertility services?
I know that Connecticut was just added, so there are now 15 - but I was not sure what some of the other states are and what they force insurance companies to cover.
x-posted to a few other communities
Wednesday, September 28th, 2005
12:10 pm
Hi, I was diagnosed with PCOS 8 years ago after having 2 cysts the size of grapefruits removed surgically. Since then I have fluctuated between no treatment and horrible side effects vs. being put on high-dose BC and having fewer symptoms accompanied by weight loss (yay!). The problem is that the pill I have to take was recently cloned by the generic companies, so the docs no longer get free samples of the name brand and my doc won't let me take generic because there is too much risk of variance in the hormone levels.

I'm curious, for those of you who have found BC to be effective/helpful which pills do you use?

( FYI I'm on Nordette which is like $40-50/month without insurance and 20ish if I buy it the illegal way via canadian online pharmacies.)
Friday, August 26th, 2005
8:31 pm

I am new to this site and honestly it is nice to see so many people who i can talk to about what having PCOS is like. This is a really personal question, and i know that you all are not doctors or nurses and can't tell me from a medical point of view, but maybe you have a personal story. I went into the gyno today and discussed with her some bumps on my anus area (sorry if thats not medically correct) that to me were skin tags. i have skin tags EVERYwhere on my body, armpits, neck, back, stomach, etc... so i thought they were just skin tags that were getting irrated due to being around fecal matter. she thought they were genital warts, but questioned it after we discussed my sexual history (it could still be possible but she was still wondering) and sent some of them to get tested. I know that i will get the results in a few days, but i am going crazy. has this ever happened to you or anyone you know? i have read some websites that say that skin tags do appear on the anus, but i guess i am just wondering if anyone has a personal expierence with it. thank you to anyone who answers.
Wednesday, July 20th, 2005
1:26 am
advice needed - preparing for gyno appointment
my gp diagnosed me with pcos about 6 weeks ago, and i am now preparing to see the gyno on the 26th, and i am wondering what i may need to take/know for this appointment.

any suggestions?

Current Mood: nervous
Sunday, July 10th, 2005
7:03 am
new one
Hi I'm Stacie. I feel like I'm in denial. I feel like my symptoms aren't as pronounced as others and that maybe my doctor was wrong about me having PCOS. I have a little hair over my lip (but I take care of it) and a little bit on my chest (but it's soft and unnoticeable). My leg hair grows out of control (but I just have dark features). I've only ever had one cyst on my ovary. My periods are sporadic. I have a lot of excess weight. I just feel like she could be wrong.. and I'm on medication for no reason. I was taking Metformin 500, but I only lost 0.5 lbs in 3 months. So my doctor upped it to 850 yesterday and I will see her again in another 3 months.

Feels strange.
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